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Experience for yourself the fusion of European tradition and advanced treatments in the heart of Alta Vista (Ottawa).

Massage Therapy



Enjoy a holistic blend of massages, facials and other organic skin care therapies for men and women.Strictly professional, authentic, safe and tranquil. 


All in-haus holistic treatments incorporate the latest and most effective skincare science and research. Highly effective natural, organic, biodynamic, pharmaceutical grade and result-oriented treatments that combine age-defying science with nature’s most healing resources.


Hippocrates, the father of medicine proclaimed nature is the physician of our diseases. These holistic treatments enhance your vitality and longevity.


Your body, mind and soul will benefit greatly. 



Holistic Beauty Haus has taken exceptional measures to implement Covid-safety protocols to keep everyone safe with an advanced Hepa Filter to purify the air and the most advanced public health approved sanitizers and surface cleaners. 


Practitioner wears the full PPE required and clients will be required to wear protective masks at all times. 

About Csilla (chill-ah)

Csilla is an internationally trained medical aesthetician, laser therapist and holistic massage/body worker serving clients for over 25 years. As a child, Csilla enjoyed going to the beauty salons with her mother where the alluring scents of creams, oils, lotions and cosmetics mesmerized her. In Eastern Europe, skincare and beauty products were less accessible, so aestheticians mixed their own products in collaboration with pharmacists. After school she would often stop at the salon and sit quietly, watching the masters at work as they prepared their wonders and pampered the ladies.

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"Beauty has no expiration date. 

Age gracefully, gratefully.”

- Csilla

Haus Offerings

Massage Therapy
Facial Treatment
Wax Appointment


We offer eight different modalities of massage with a an exceptional list of benefits to suit your unique needs.


We offer a wide range of holistic aesthetic services including the latest technology along with natural and highly effective skin care products.


Browse through our partnership with award winning skin care products - handpicked through experience, efficacy and transparency.


Enjoy highly personalized massage and aesthetic services serving those experiencing various forms of cancer treatment and care at all stages.  We are here to support you. 



Experience for yourself the fusion of European tradition and advanced treatments in the heart of Alta Vista (Ottawa).

Haus Reviews

"I have been battling acne for most of my life. When I reached my fifties, I hoped the acne would go away but no such luck. I met Csilla about one and a half years ago and have been seeing her since. Using her vast knowledge and modern equipment, Csilla has been able to get my acne under control and reveal my clearer skin that had been under the acne and scar tissue. Thank you Csilla."


"Two days before filming the first Twilight movie I was sent to get a facial so that the makeup they were applying would look as good as possible. Problem was the products they used burned my skin. My face was red and raw and flaky. The makeup artist and director were freaking out. But then someone recommended Csilla to me. I went in and she saw me even though her schedule was booked solid. In an hour treatment using her magic products and cast knowledge she calmed my skin. The next day when I woke up I was ready to film looking better than ever. I don’t know what she did but she definitely knows what she’s doing and helped me. Forever grateful."


"With broken bones mending after a motorcycle accident in late 2014, a friend suggested that I go see a massage therapist. He referred me to Csilla, and I have been going to see her regularly since. Using a combination of deep tissue massage and aromatherapy, I now consider my visits to Csilla’s studio to be a part of practicing self care."


"As a guy who is into contact sports (and perhaps too actively pursuing these kinds of sports for my age) from time to time I inadvertently run into problems: sprained muscles, cramps or injuries. And when everything goes smooth, I still feel like I deserve some kind of “tuning” after extended periods of hard training, so I was very content when Csilla became my message therapist. Csilla manages to sort my pain levels when I don’t exercise at all and when I exercise too much. I am continuously impressed by the professional care she provides each time I go. I always book one hour and a half of massage and I always feel like I could stay more. Needless to say I highly recommend Csilla."


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