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Oncology Treatments



Oncology aesthetics involves advanced education and is relatively a new field of case becoming more recognized due to the many benefits these treatments provide.

Offering various spa treatments specifically suited to cancer patients and their caregivers falling under an integrative approach and with the goal to positively impact their lives with compassion and healing. 

Specially designed and modified to ensure the safest result by providing comfort and relief from the unpleasant side effects associated with cancer treatments, radiation, chemotherapy, medications and emotional stress.

Facial Treatment

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Based on an individual's medical history and condition, treatments are customized in pressure, length of time, positioning. to satisfy needs.  

During cancer treatment, the body sometimes forgets the feeling of actually being relaxed. Studies have shown that the power of resting in the comfort of healing hands increase the production of endorphins and can reduce pain, fatigue, inflammation, nausea, stress level, anxiety, insomnia and pain.


These treatments are well suited to anyone with health challenges and stress related issues.

Facial Treatment

90 mins. $140

Customized to your skin’s needs, products will be carefully selected based on the skin’s sensitivity and condition due to cancer therapy and other health related issues. 

Image by Toa Heftiba

60 mins. $85 / 90 mins. $110

Non –invasive, compassionate touch, slow & steady movements working with the central nervous system to help the body relax and heal. Working on fingers and toes helps nerve endings relax and decrease pain and tingling. Clients report numerous benefits, including:

  • increased ability to tolerate cancer treatment side effects

  • aid in relief of depression, mood disorders

  • decreased inflammation, swelling, sore muscles

  • better sleep

  • fewer headaches, less stress and anxiety, lower stress hormones in blood

  • less chemotherapy induced peripheral neuropathy (numbness)

  • less chemotherapy related nausea

  • helps regain dignity, positive feelings, calmness and clarity of circumstances 


30 mins. $75

This gentle and soothing massage helps you to relax. It provides a distracting experience that takes the mind off of pain or discomfort; and reduces anxiety, depression, fatigue, nausea.

Foot Massage

30 mins. $45

This ​reflexology foot massage is proven to support an overall feeling of comfort and relaxation making a perfect treatment for cancer patients.

Light massage is safe for most people with cancer but there are some settings in which massage should be avoided altogether. Some of these include:


known blood clots, infection, severely low white blood cell count, severe thrombocytopenia, lymphedema.

Therefore in certain cases, an oncologist note is required.

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