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Medispa Holdings Inc. founded in 2001 and based in British Columbia, Canada is a wholesale distribution company for cutting-edge esthetic skin revitalisation equipment and skincare products. We work with a team of highly skilled researchers and engineers from Geneva, Switzerland who manufacture microdermabrasion and facial cold light cosmetic devices. Medispa exclusively sells the award winning Abrastim 200 facial equipment throughout North America. The Abrastim is well know for its instant results and painless relaxing facial experience for spa goers. Medispa has developed our newest device incorporating Sauna heat for facial mask application to enhance the clients skincare results. We invite you to watch our new YOUTUBE video incorporating Medispa Naturals dermo-cosmetics and far infarared for facial warming.

Medispa founded Medispa Naturals in 2017 to provide estheticians with a quality skincare line made from all naturals ingredients; inspired by the Suzuki foundation. Medispa Naturals is without any controversial ingredients and with every product we sell a portion goes to support the life of animals. Medispa distributes Dr. Belter skincare, Tana and Egypt Wonder and Malu Wilz Cosmetics, all quality products manufactured in Germany.


Medispa donates quarterly to the SPCA and WWF. Our charities plant trees, save endangered animals and prevent cruelty to domestic pets. We contribute to stopping the degradation of our natural environment and building a future where humans live in harmony with nature.

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